Leather Clutch

Time required: 1.5 hours

Sew a simple leather clutch that goes with any outfit. Add interest by choosing a standout fabric colour, cutting an asymmetrical flap and sewing contrast topstitch detailing. This clutch was sewn from faux leather, and I used a Teflon foot to ensure the fabric fed through the machine easily while sewing.


  • Brother sewing machine (This was sewn on The Dream Machine)
  • Pink all-purpose thread
  • Grey topstitching thread
  • Topstitching needle
  • 5 m pleather
  • Teflon presser foot
  • Snaps and snap tool
  • Scissors


1. Cut two pieces of pleather 21” (53 cm) x 15” (38 cm), then trim one short edge into an asymmetrical triangle.

2. Change your sewing machine presser foot to a Teflon foot.

3. Sew the two pieces of pleather together, right sides together, leaving an opening about 6” (15 cm) opening on the straight, short edge.

4. Trim down the excess seam allowance around the entire clutch, leaving it long at the opening.

5. Cut the seam allowance down even more across the corners.

[IMG_6688.JPEG, IMG_6690.JPEG]

6. Flip the bag right side out, tucking in the seam allowance at the opening and finger pressing at the seams to keep them flat.

7. Thread your sewing machine with topstitching thread (keeping the bobbin loaded with all-purpose thread), and change your needle to a topstitching needle.

8. Topstitch across the straight, short edge of the bag.

9. Turn up the bottom third of the bag, then flip the bag over.

10. Topstitch around the perimeter of the bag except for across the fold at the bottom, then flip the bag back again.

11. Turn down the flap to determine the snap placement.

12. Use the snap tool to attach the snaps to the clutch base and the flap.

Fill your new stylish clutch with your favourite necessities.

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