Easy Makeup Roll Case

Time required: 30 minutes

This simple roll-up case — fit for makeup brushes, pencils and markers, knitting tools, and so much more — was Brother’s make-and-take project at the fall Creativ Festival in Toronto this year. Show guests stopped by the Brother booth to discover the NQ900 sewing machine while completing a beautiful project and walking away with a free blush brush. Because you’re working with a material that doesn’t fray, the fabric edges can be left raw, keeping the focus of the project on achieving beautiful decorative stitching.


  • Brother sewing machine (this project was made on The Dream Machine, and Creativ Festival guests sewed theirs on the NQ900)
  • Thread, pink
  • Fabric-backed vinyl, medium-weight, blue: 13.5” (34 cm) x 16” (41 cm)
  • Ribbon, 18” (46 cm long)


1. Fold the bottom short edge of the fabric one third of the way up to create the main pocket.

2. Sew a decorative stitch across that bottom short edge of the fabric.

3. Find the mid-point of the ribbon and lay that under both thicknesses of the fabric, lined up with the top of the pocket edge.

4. Sew a decorative stitch around the perimeter of the project, excluding the fold. Be sure to catch the ribbon as you sew down the final side.

5. Using a ruler and a closed pair of scissors, score a series of vertical lines down the centre of the case. Choose a distance between the lines based on what you plan on carrying.

6. Sew down the scored lines. You can use the same decorative stitch or choose a new one.

7. Use a pair of scissors to cut the ends of the ribbon at an angle.

8. Fill your roll-up case and toss it in your overnight bag or sewing kit.

About Denise Wild
Sewing, crafting and DIY expert, Denise Wild combines her enthusiasm and expertise to create easy-to-follow tutorials for simple, stylish projects that showcase valuable tips and tricks. Founder of LoveSewing magazine, Denise is also a brand spokesperson, TV host, author and magazine editor. Get inspired to create your very own projects with personalized style. Learn more about Denise at denisewild.com or follow her on Facebook at @medenisewild.

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