Felt Flower Power

With the ScanNCut, felt can finally blossom.

felt flower power

If you’ve ever worked with felt, you know it can be finicky—like the flowers that droop no matter how much love you give them. When a machine isn’t designed to handle the plush textile, it can get stuck in the blade and dragged right off the mat. Ouch!

But felt’s a cinch for the ScanNCut. With its revolutionary fabric cutting system, you can finally turn it into any shape you want, and send happy felt vibes to everyone you see! 


• Brother ScanNCut
• Premade felt purse
• Various craft felts
• Fabric glue
• Paint brush
• (Optional – see Step 4: Spray glitter, loose glitter, black fabric ink pad & a decorative stamp)

Step 1
Prep your mat with a high tack fabric support sheet made specifically for Brother ScanNCut. Apply it (glossy side down) to a clean standard mat and press firmly to join the sheet with the mat. Remove any air bubbles with an old gift card. If you have any bubbles left, they shouldn’t interfere with your cutting. Remove the protective light blue release sheet.

ScanNCut Felt Flower - Step 1

Step 2
Do a few test cuts, adjusting to the thickness of your felt. (For typical craft felt, we use the standard cutting blade set to a blade depth of 8, cut pressure of 5 and cut speed of 1.)

ScanNCut Felt Flower - Step 2

Step 3
Once you have the right settings, cut 3 funky flowers, about 2.5” big, from 3 different coloured felts. Cut out 4 green leaves and 3 yellow circles (.7”).

ScanNCut Felt Flower - Step 3

Step 4 (Optional)
Yay, glitter! Add some spray glitter and some loose glitter to your purse’s cover flap. Use a black fabric ink pad and a decorative stamp to accent the glittered cover.

ScanNCut Felt Flower - Step 4

Step 5
Use fabric glue to stick down your felt pieces, arranging them to your liking. We placed the middle flower on top of the other two, to create a vignette of blooms (cuz the only thing better than a bloom, is a vignette of blooms!).

ScanNCut Felt Flower - Step 5

Your felt purse is done and ready to make people smile wherever you go!

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