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Project: Make-up bag

Is it time for a new make-up bag? This quick and easy box bag is perfect for make-up or other
stashes. Make it in a fun floral cotton for the ladies or a cotton duck for a masculine look. If you
want a waterproof bag, use vinyl or a coated fabric.

We have provided dimensions for two different sizes – but you can adjust the size to your liking.

Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate sewer
Time required: 1 hour

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Project: Bedtime Toy Caddy

Keep your favorite nighttime accessories at your fingertips with these bright, bold bedside pockets
that can be made in an afternoon. Customize the number and width of the pockets to suit your
needs, or make a mini version to lay over the arm of your couch as a remote control holder.

Skill Level: Intermediate
Time Required: 2.5 hours

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A Special Gift for Mom: Thread-Painted Fantasy Flower Pillow

Skill Level:                            Beginner to intermediate
Finished Measurements:    20” by 20”
Cutting and Sewing Time:  3 hours

If you’re new to free-motion sewing, this is a perfect project to start on. You’ll embellish a canvas (your pillow top) by, basically, painting it with thread!

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Three in four parents agree: Labelling rocks

Labelling RocksLet’s face it, as a parent, dealing with an over-burdened schedule can be tough. Whether it’s day camp, school or just tidying up the house, the challenges you face organizing your kids’ lives can sometimes feel overwhelming. But in a recent Brother survey, 3 in 4 parents agreed that it doesn’t need to be this way!


The new school year is just around the corner. As much as this is fun and exciting, getting ready for school normally brings on some levels of stress and frenzy in the household. Let’s be honest – there’s a lot to do and to think about. But don’t fret. Organizing the kids for school is easier than you think.

If you’re already imagining your kids coming back from school with personal items and clothes missing, why not label them? Brother carries a variety of P-touch labellers that are affordable and perfect for on-the-go use. P-touch TZe tape conveniently comes in iron-on format and it’s real easy to use:

      • Just type a label, print it and iron it on.Back2School_3
      • The adhesive doesn’t damage clothes
      • And it can stay on for up to 20 washes or more

Shirts, t-shirts, pyjamas, underwear, face and bath towels, socks, shorts pullovers, swimsuits… you name it! Let nothing escape your labelling powers.

Pyjamas, shirts, t-shirts, underwear, face and bath towels, socks, shorts pullovers, swimsuits… you name it! Let nothing escape your labelling powers.

P-touch laminated labels on the other hand, come in all sorts of colours and sizes and are virtually indestructible. They’re great for anything that’s not clothes. Why are they super-tough? Well, they’re scrape-proof, water-proof and U.V. resistant. They’ll easily stick to your child’s belongings all through camp and way beyond. These are essential for things like toiletry kits, flashlights, and medication!

Getting organized this summer by labelling your child’s belongings will help avoid lots of headaches and stress. It might even save you money in the long run as you will avoid lost items!

So start labelling today and share your labelling stories with us on our Facebook Page: www.facebook/BrotherCanada. We would love to see your great labelling ideas and we’re certain our other customers will too!

Enjoy your summer!

Survey source: Survey conducted for Brother Canada by third party.


Want more ideas on how labelling can save you time? Find more here.


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